MAXguide is the moniker for Metro Vancouver’s new arts and culture website:

MAXguide provides free listings of arts and culture events for arts organizations, individuals and selected art businesses. It features a clean design and easy-to-use interface, advanced search capabilities, image, video and social media. It will also host an archive of past events, and provide easy access to links to arts reviews, professional associations and volunteer opportunities.

MAXguide is an outstanding example of regional collaboration,” said Lois E. Jackson, Chair of Metro Vancouver’s Board of Directors. “This new tool will promote events in all our municipalities and will allow residents and visitors alike to find and experience our arts and culture scene.”

Metro Vancouver Director Judy Villeneuve, Chair of the Regional CultureΒ  committee, said the website will encourage people to venture out of their homes and enjoy cultural offerings in their own and other communities.
“I believe this will get people out and about and supporting Metro Vancouver’s art events.”

Dr. Lidia Varbanova successfully completed a Feasibility Study and Business Plan for initial set up of this web-based service. The feasibility study analysed: the visibility of arts and culture events across the region; the content focus and scope of the most popular information providers; the use of Web 2.0 tools and other advanced features in the current events calendars; and the level of connection, integration, and synchronization between events calendars of the 24 local authorities of Metro Vancouver, as well as between diverse websites and online platforms across the region.

The submitted business plan structure included: the objectives (short- and long-term) of the project; the main content focus and structure; target audiences; options for content population; user-editor interactions; and preferred choices for an operational structure, funding framework, budget structure, partnership opportunities, action plan, and phases of development. The plan was supplemented by comprehensive appendices, summarising the results of the research work done.

The research work of Dr. Varbanova on this feasibility study and plan was of a high professional quality, it exceeded our expectations and we are very grateful for her professionalism and expertise,” said in her recommendation letter Judy Robertson, Communication Specialist Corporate Relations at Metro Vancouver.


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