Nova Iskra is a design incubator and creative hub in Belgrade, a unique meeting point of the emerging creative professionals and forward-thinking business. I included it as a case study in my new book “International Entrepreneurship in the Arts” as an example of advanced startup company aiming at discovering new values in the fields of creative business, education, social improvement and empowerment of local communities.

Nova Iskra is now launching their first ever Kickstarter campaign to introduce FOLKK, a Belgrade-based social business that connects masters of traditional Balkan crafts with emerging designers to create the highest quality homeware products. FOLKK aim is to preserve centuries-long legacy of craftsmanship of the Balkan artisans, by providing them with a steady income, as well as to give the locally designed and manufactured products worldwide visibility through this online platform.

The 30 days Kickstarter campaign runs until July 12th 2017! Share the Link below on social media, and/or support the project:

In exchange for pledges on Kickstarter, the team offers all backers a choice of limited edition, hand crafted, unique FOLKK products: exquisite 100% wool kilims & hand-woven, wool-filled pillows; two-sided, finest-wood multifunctional plate; and a tri-form serving board made of steamed walnut.

Join me in supporting this emerging social business on the Balkans!

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