Strategic Planning for Learning Organisations in the Cultural Sector

  A new book by Lidia Varbanova Efficient management and leadership of any cultural organisation are immensely connected with the strategic planning process. Setting up the mission and vision, diagnosing and analysing the current situation within a constantly changing environment, … Read More

What we really need is a “thinking arts manager”

Herwig Pöschl started his career as a creator in the field of music for film and media in the 70s. He is curator for regional and urban cultural development and creative industries, as well as an innovative educational cultural producer. He … Read More

Applying artistic methods in business management, training and beyond

Art and artists have a special ability to provoke thinking, to use creativity and innovation, to improvise and experiment, to extract the “invisible”, to symbolize, to bring our emotions on the surface. Artists experiment, raise awareness, challenge us, make our … Read More

Improve your productivity by keeping track on “to-do” lists: How online tools can help?

Many of us face problem in organising our schedules and things to do. We use online calendars and offline agendas and notebooks, trying to keep track on all “to-do” lists with tasks and assignments. We also use other types of … Read More

The magic and responsibility running cross-border projects: an interview with Chris Torch

Chris Torch is artistic director at Intercult, a production and resource unit focused on culture, ideas and the arts. Founded in 1996, it is a publically-financed institution, based in Stockholm, Sweden. Intercult is also a designated Europe Direct office, managed … Read More

Expert Talk: Cooperation and Funding Landscapes in Southeastern Europe Exchanging experiences – Evaluating achievements: Report

The political upheaval at the end of the 1980s introduced a period of liberal cultural policy in Southeastern Europe, which picked up again in those countries after the wars and the collapse of Yugoslavia. The independent cultural scene, which had … Read More