Cultural and Creative Industries for Sustainable Development: Policy Directions and Innovative Projects

Paper, presented at the III International Conference “Cultural Policy, Policy for Culture: the Role of Culture in Sustainable Development in Post-2015 Agenda”, within the framework of 70th Anniversary of UNESCO (11-13 July 2015, Yerevan, Armenia). The full results of the research … Read More

YES Montreal: creative networking in an inspirational environment

YES Montreal artists’ conference “Business Skills for Creative Souls” was a great networking and learning event. Over 130 artists, art managers, experts in creative industries and the arts participated and shared viewpoints, ideas, recipes for successful entrepreneurship in the field … Read More

Be Aware: The Generation Z Entrepreneurs Are Here!

Generation Z, the “internet generation” , includes those born between 1994 and 2010 — a group that’s comprised of high school students and younger, and is poised to become the most entrepreneurial generation we’ve ever seen.  Research shows that these … Read More

Online Workshop on Cultural Entrepreneurship: Second edition starting soon!

Different people have different learning needs. At University of British Columbia Continuing Studies, the choice is yours. Whether you prefer to study in-class or online, in a one-day course or a two-year certificate program, we offer flexible ways to learn … Read More

Creative Industries Leadership Program at the Banff Centre: Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow

Creative industries are a rapidly growing area worldwide. They are positioned between science, culture, economy and technology. The wide ranges of branches are very much connected, depending on one another, combining both the social values and economic effectiveness.  These industries … Read More

Cultural Entrepreneurship: an inspiring online workshop!

Cultural entrepreneurship is an economic as well as socio-cultural activity, based on innovation, risk taking and maximizing opportunities. This online workshop focuses on the essence, uniqueness and importance of cultural entrepreneurship in the overall strategic management and policy-making process. An … Read More

Promoting the Next Generation of Cultural Entrepreneurs

“It’s about the exchange of ideas” Experienced consultant commits to promoting the next generation of cultural entrepreneurs By: Oscar Tollast “It’s a great topic,” said Lidia Varbanova, overlooking the gardens of Schloss Leopoldskron. “I find it very important for the … Read More

Entrepreneurs are change-makers who think and act differently

This is my last 2012 message to all young and emerging entrepreneurs: a few sincere advices for a happy and joyful professional life. They are an extract of what I have learned and experienced throughout the years. Being an entrepreneur … Read More

Entrepreneurs in the arts: vision, collaboration and passion

Arts and entertainment industries are a great area for developing new entrepreneurial projects.  Arts entrepreneurs are usually freelancers who are not affiliated with an organization, with a structure or a stable team. They can be: producers, art dealers, impresarios, artists’ … Read More

Innovation in the arts and entertainment

There are plenty of innovative ideas raising daily all over the world. Innovation is a key tool of entrepreneurship, including for entrepreneurs who work in the arts, culture and entertainment industries. “Thinking beyond the box” is a must in the … Read More